Simon is excellent at Marketing and Sales Strategy and is very clear thinking especially in written communications. I have been a colleague of Simon’s for over five years and he is a tough negotiator on behalf of the company he is representing.

Brian McCoy | Chairman at Advanced Innovations

Simon is a driven individual who is very focused on delivering the best solution. His commitment to the project is unquestionable and is willing to do what it takes to get it done. Working with Simon is a pleasure.

James Hodgins MBA MSc Dip Eng | Corporate Quality Manager at Cognex Corporation

I worked alongside Simon for 2+ years. During that time, I grew to know Simon well. He is a great person to work with and alongside. He’s constantly focused on his clients and has exceptionally high standards; something that’s all too often missing from many people nowadays. He’s creative and always willing to look at more than one way of approaching a job. I would recommend Simon without any question.

Adrian Oldman | Principal at The Quiet Agency

Simon’s energetic and enquiring mind challenges, motivates and encourages clients and colleagues alike to raise their game. I value and appreciate his advice.

Brian O’Kane | Owner, Oak Tree Press

Simon is a very focused and experienced marketeer. He brings great flair, enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude to the tasks he undertakes. He works to a very high level of professionalism and has completed many successful projects in his time. He is competent and trustworthy and will complete to perfection the work he undertakes.

Tony O’Riordan | Chief Executive at Good Shepherd Services

We tasked Simon with important work during our company’s formation and were very pleased with the results he achieved for us – equally importantly, the project was completed on time and within budget too. Simon is an undoubted expert in his field and his integrity is beyond question.

Paul Blake | Managing Director at Quality Process Links Ltd

A born leader, Simon is adept at developing and executing market-led strategies.

Dr. Fergal Barry | VP Research, Development and Enterprise, LIT

I worked with Simon for a period of about four years. During that time he wrote numerous technical and business articles while in charge of the marketing strategies for the company and public relations. At Advanced Innovations, Simon quickly created and put in place new metrics in order to help navigate the company through rough waters. Simon is a practical individual who keeps his sights on the end goal and plots a direction according to the current circumstances. He is quick to apply technology when and where it best serves the purpose of the company. I enjoyed working with him, and would not hesitate to do it again if the opportunity arises.

Armando Arias | Results Driven Program Quality Manager

Simon is a great source of inspiration in a group. He is tireless, inquisitive, with a broad knowledge and analytical mind looking for the bottom line. It has been really rewarding working with him.

Giorgos Fagas | Senior Researcher at Tyndall National Institute

I found Simon great to work with. He was always customer-focused and went out of his way to find the best solutions possible for his clients. He has great attention to detail and always made sure that he did more for his clients than was even expected. He is a very focused and deadline-driven person and yet very personable and very much a team player.

Clare Coffey

I have commissioned Simon on a number of different projects where we required assistance in developing our business strategy, particularly in the area of market development and sales implementation.

Simon is a clear-thinking, direct communicator who has been of great assistance over the years. I am happy to recommend Simon to you.

John O’Regan | C.E.O at SCFI Group

Simon O’Keeffe is not only one of the brightest people I have ever known, he also taught me a huge amount about marketing while I was running my first graphic design business in West Cork.

He commissioned me to work alongside him on some major projects and many times introduced me to his many contacts for whom I worked independently.

Simon is a lively and generous character, much respected by his peers, who became both a friend and a professional guide.

Becky Hoyle | Creative Thinker, Creative Designer

Simon is a wonderful person to work with. He is intelligent, smart and insightful. He has a talent for always keeping the strategic objective in mind whilst ensuring the practical and operational matters are dealt with. He does all this with an ever-present smile and is a great team player. He is a very nice person with a high level of skill. All round good guy.

J J O’Connell | Director PLATO Ireland Business Network

I have worked with Simon in different capacities both professional and academic. In all aspects he brings to bear his broad experience and significant business knowledge. Simon is a persuasive negotiator and great team motivator who is not afraid to call it like he sees it. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon’s work and contribution.

Darragh Martin | Managing Director at CB FORMS

We have worked with Simon several times and on each occasion he brings insight, clarity and a fresh perspective on our business development challenges. He also keeps everyone’s attention on the kernel of the issues with great skill – a real professional.

Don Cullinane | Director at Ology Business & Executive Coaching

Simon is a great guy to help people innovate around their product or service. He enjoys taking time to understand the offering in detail and is a great catalyst for strategic planning and execution.

Colin Kelly | Director, BCD

Ich arbeite seit 2003 mit Simon O’Keeffe als Berater auf verschiedenen Feldern zusammen: Marketing, Krisenkommunikation, Markteintritt Irland, Kommunikationsberatung. Ich kann eine Zusammenarbeit mit Mr. O’Keeffe empfehlen, weil er sich stets als klarer Denker und Stratege erwiesen hat. Es macht immer wieder Freude, gemeinsam mit ihm Maßnahmenpläne zu erstellen, von der Zielsetzung bis zur Exekution, und sie mit ihm umzusetzen. Simon hat sich als zuverlässiger Psrtner erwiesen, der seine Zusagen und Zeitpläne einhält. Deshalb habe ich ihn auch schon an andere Kunden weiterempfohlen.

Hans-Joachim Graef | Geschäftsführer/Inhaber Graef Advertising GmbH

I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with Simon over the last dozen years or so. In a working relationship, Simon’s enthusiasm, experience and undoubted expertise combine well, inspiring the confidence to tackle projects with clear purpose and direction.

Paulo Goode | Freelance Website & Graphic Designer

We have hired Simon in a marketing advisory role a number of times, with excellent results.

Simon Burke | Owner, IMEC Technologies